INEGVA is implementing the production of ACTIVE Protective Glasses.

  • 28.07.2023

A New Level of Eye Protection

Supporting health and safety during tasks that demand specialized protection, ensuring reliable eye safeguarding against harmful factors. INEGVA is delighted to announce the launch of ACTIVE Protective Glasses production, elevating the level of eye protection to new heights. In this article, we will explore the key features and advantages of this new line of protective eyewear.

The New Line of ACTIVE Protective Glasses

INEGVA heralds a new era of eye protection with the introduction of the ACTIVE Protective Glasses line. This line represents a dependable and modern means of safeguarding, designed to meet the needs of professionals across various fields and anyone who prioritizes their well-being.

Features of ACTIVE Protective Glasses

ACTIVE Protective Glasses are high-quality protective eyewear distinguished by various innovative characteristics:

  • Soft Nose Pads: One of the primary comfort aspects is the presence of soft nose pads, ensuring maximum comfort during wear.
  • Durability and Resilience: Thanks to the use of high-quality polycarbonate, ACTIVE glasses are resistant to damage and provide reliable protection against various adverse impacts.
  • UV Radiation Protection: Protection against ultraviolet radiation at the UV 400 level helps prevent potential eye damage from sun exposure.
  • Scratch Resistance: Regardless of the chosen model, you can count on your glasses serving you for a long time.
  • Anti-Fogging and Scratch Protection: ACTIVE Protective Glasses models also feature the UltraVISION special coating for anti-fogging and scratch protection, ensuring excellent visibility and defense during work in conditions of varying humidity and intensive use.