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You can also add the necessary options to the order. Our managers will help you with this, suggest all possible options, from packages, instructions, stickers, inserts to accessories. As an option, it is also necessary to note the possibility of branding safety glasses and the production of glasses temples in your corporate colors. We will be happy to answer all your questions!



Safety Glasses Wholesale from the Manufacturer

Almost all blue-collar occupations carry a risk of eye injury. Therefore, compliance with safety standards requires technicians to wear safety glasses. As a result, the demand for safety glasses is huge, and it makes sense to purchase them in large wholesale quantities for resale.

INEGVA offers safety glasses wholesale from the manufacturer. Our company is equipped with modern equipment that allows us to produce optics that are resistant to mechanical damage. Our safety glasses are designed to withstand the constant impact of shavings of any origin. They cannot be destroyed or damaged until they lose transparency when working with metal, wood, or stone.

We provide documentation to confirm the durability of our products. Each batch of goods purchased in large wholesale quantities is accompanied by quality certificates, not just consignment notes. Each of our clients can present these certificates to their buyers in their store.

Buying INEGVA safety glasses wholesale is beneficial not only because of their high quality. Here are some other reasons to work with the manufacturer:

  • Availability of goods: Our warehouse is always full, so we can fulfill your order in full and without delay.
  • Diverse assortment: Our wide range of safety glasses allows you to replenish your showcase for masters of all professions.
  • Famous name: The INEGVA brand is well-known in the industry. The demand for our transparent protective glasses in your store will be high.
  • Experienced managers: Our experienced managers take orders and can help you choose the right product. If you conclude a contract for permanent cooperation, you will become our partner and will be assigned a personal lead manager who will help you select products and inform you about new products and price changes.

Assortment of safety glasses

As a manufacturer, we are constantly improving and developing new models of our products. You can always be among the first to learn about new products from the leading manager. The catalogue contains the most popular safety glasses for work.

Lenses do not affect vision in any way. They do not distort the visible, and you can use them for a long time.

You can buy the following models from us:

Each group has clear and amber lenses. The main difference between the groups is the shape of the construction goggles. It can be as straight as possible with small turns for better protection. Alternatively, it might be smoothly rounded, which follows the shape of the face and better adheres to the eyes.

In addition, construction goggles have adjustable elements. For example, for some, you can change the tilt of the lens. In some models, you can change the length of the bow.

To buy wholesale glasses for eye protection quickly, we recommend you contact the manager and conclude a cooperation agreement. Call us - our employees will assist in choosing products and arrange delivery.

Our own logistics department will ensure fast shipment taking into account the INCOTERMS rules.