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Cable fasteners - bulk deliveries to Europe

The manufacturing company INEGVA offers a wide range of cable fasteners. We work with customers from European countries.

The products are produced on modern equipment and meet all the requirements and quality standards.

We guarantee the reliability of the cable fasteners. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production.

  1. Raw materials. We buy only from manufacturers who provide certificates for their products. However, we still take samples and test them. Therefore, when the raw materials enter the workshop, they are suitable for the production of fasteners.
  2. Equipment. The operator on the line is a high-level specialist. The master knows the necessary technological processes for the production of reliable and durable fasteners for the wire. Hardware failures are not allowed. It can be readjusted to change the proportions with great precision.
  3. After leaving the shop, the cable fasteners should be sent to the quality control department. Passes tests, after which it is allowed to the warehouse for further shipment to the customer.

Fasteners for the cable are certified or confirmed on a mandatory basis. Shipments of fasteners in large wholesale are accompanied by the necessary package of documents for transportation.

Assortment of fasteners for wires

The assortment of the manufacturing company INEGVA includes fasteners for wires of various purposes. Each type has been expanded with a range of colors, sizes and tensile strength indicators.

  1. Cable tie STANDART.
  2. Cable tie with screw fastening.
  3. Cable tie with a low profile lock.
  4. The reusable cable tie.

Thanks to multilevel quality control, each unit of the product in the group have all the qualities declared on the site. Therefore, when purchasing cable fasteners in bulk for further sale, you can safely guarantee their reliability to your customers.


We fulfil all our obligations. And first of all, this concerns issues of product durability. The correct choice of raw materials and adherence to all technological processes endows cable fasteners with resistance to:

  • ultraviolet radiation;
  • aromatic solvent, oils and greases;
  • temperatures within the range of -40 ° C - +85 ° C.

Compliance with the recommendations allows you to make the installation of wires durable. And it doesn't matter at home or outdoors.

It is convenient to order cable fasteners from the manufacturer. It is enough to call the phone numbers of the site and announce the order to the manager. To obtain favorable terms of delivery, we recommend concluding a contract for long-term cooperation. You will be assigned a manager who will deal with all organizational issues of the shipment.