INEGVA - manufacturer of personal protection equipment and cable fasteners for distributors and manufacturing companies interested in profit growth and resource savings.

INEGVA transforms our capabilities into your potential


  • production from 5 to 30 days
  • the ability to personalize the product
  • own warehouses for storage of your goods
  • assistance in product certification for your brand
  • packing with your branding wide possibilities of logistic decisions


  • reduction of the turnover cycle
  • flexible pricing and payment schemes
  • goods delivery within 1-4 days
  • long-term relationship with the manufacturer
  • release of your employees time
  • convenient communication
ᐉ Safety glasses from the manufacturer ᐉ INEGVA ᐉ Manufacturer of cable fasteners

Our Products

Why Choose Us

Large modern production of plastic fittings for electrical installations and protective glasses from high quality materials of leading world manufactures.

The products correspond on international quality standards.

Team of professionals, modern equipment, advanced world technologies.

International company, export its products on world markets.

Own production by TM INEGVA and by private labels of clients.

International logistics solutions providing high-quality services for distributors and customers.

Reliable partner committed for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

ᐉ Safety glasses from the manufacturer ᐉ INEGVA ᐉ Manufacturer of cable fasteners

Fastener manufacturer INEGVA is your reliable partner

Buying in bulk from the manufacturer is always more profitable than replenishing the necessary materials in small quantities. Moreover, our company proves this every time. However, working with INEGVA is advantageous not only because of the low prices. The fastener manufacturer enables its partners to achieve their goals quickly. It applies to both construction and repair tasks and an increase in profits from the sale of INEGVA brand products.

To become our partner, you do not need to fulfil any difficult conditions. It is enough to have a need for fasteners in large wholesale.

We will provide you with the products you need with the most convenient service for you.

  1. Availability. The goods will be collected for dispatch immediately upon receipt of the order. You will receive wholesale fasteners in full, as we never have an empty warehouse.
  2. Logistics. INEGVA Company has its own transportation organization department. Therefore, we can guarantee our Partners to comply with the delivery time specified in the contract.
  3. Territorial directions. We work all over Europe.

We carry out foreign trade activities in accordance with the INCOTERMS rules. This means that you can buy wholesale fasteners under one of the current conditions: DAP, FOB, CIF, FCA. That is, the goods can be cleared of duties, delivered to the ship with payment for loading at our expense, shipped at a price with transportation costs included, and so on.

We discuss the terms of delivery with the Customer. We always find a mutual agreement with our Partners on a win-win basis.

Opportunities of our company

Wholesale of fasteners and their production is our main activity. To be as interesting to our Partners as possible, we’ve been constantly developing: we develop new forms of products, introduce modern technologies, including renewal of the production base, if required by the design of the product. All this gives us the ability to meet the needs of our customers.

It is possible to order wholesale fasteners from the manufacturer not only under the TM INEGVA. Our company accepts orders for the release of products labelled under any other brand. It means that all the technical characteristics for which the products of the INEGVA Company are valued will be inherited by the fasteners of the new brand. This will allow your company to become recognizable by the end consumer, to develop the popularity of your own brand. In addition, most importantly, to increase profits, since only the sale of fasteners of a well-known TM allows the company to grow financially.

By signing a contract for the supply of INEGVA brand products or under your own trademark, you undertake to pay and accept fasteners on the terms specified in it. We are committed to providing you with the required quantity of goods immediately.

You can buy wholesale fasteners online by calling. Each of our partners is assigned a manager who leads the order until it is received at the receiving point.